How to Maintain Kitchen Exhaust System

Some suggestions to help you maintain your businesses kitchen exhaust system
  1. Clean the kitchen exhaust system a minimum of 3 times per year.
  2. Clean filters and oil drip pans every week.
  3. Make accesses on the duct and fan if its not already installed with the system.
  4. Make drain holes in the hood, duct and fan if there are none by doing this the grease build up will reduce also you need to put an oil catcher under the drain hole.
  5. Check fan belt frequently, and keep an extra belt in your possession.
  6. Cleaning just the hood does not prevent fire accidents or improve performance. Beware of companies that do not clean the fan or duct. Always check through accesses, to ensure this has been done, or your business might be at risk.
  7. Accesses should be installed in easy to reach and easy to use locations. According to the fire code.

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