1. Kitchen exhausts system cleaning

A. Hood Cleaning

B. Duct Cleaning

C. Fan Cleaning

How do we handle the job?

Why you shold clean kitchen exhaust system?

Exhaust cleaning Terms and Conditions

2. Filters exchange

A. Exhaust Hood filters exchange

B. Eccologizer Filters exchange


3. Grease Trap cleaning

A. Drain (Pipe line) cleaning

B. Power flash

C. Snake

D. Grease trap Repaired

E. Grease trap installation

Why you should clean Grease trap?

4. Kitchen cooking equipments cleaning

A. Burner Stove

B. Grill

C. Oven

D. Flat top Grill

E. Deep fryer

F. Salamander

Why you should clean kitchen exhaust system?

5. Power wash

A. Side walks

B. Floor

C. Building

D. Garage

E. Oil split area

F. Parking lot

6. Floors Buffing and Waxing

 A. Floors Buffing and Waxing

7. Graffiti removals from

A. Concrete

B. Wall

C. Fly wood

D. Fence

8. Carpet cleaning


9. Air Duct cleaning

A. Commercial

B. Industrial

C. Residential

10. Janitorial services

A. Restaurants

B. Offices

C. Building

11. Exhaust systems repaired

A. Fan belt change

B. Motor change

C. Wheel Alignment